Advantages of Lethbridge


There are many advantages to doing business in Lethbridge. With a population of just over 100,000 and a trading area of more than 275,000, this vibrant city has much to offer businesses of all types and sizes.

Explore just a few of these advantages below:

Our Labour Force
Lethbridge employers draw workers from a large commuting area consisting of rural areas and smaller towns and villages within a 100 kilometre radius. The extended workforce population is estimated to be 86,000.  learn more about our Labour Force

We are proud of our strong and diverse economic base. There is a keen entrepreneurial spirit here, as proven by our thriving small business community.  Lethbridge is also home to national and international interests that hire a wide range of skilled employees. learn more about our business community

Our City
Residents of Lethbridge enjoy a high quality of life. Our cost of living is affordable, due in part to comparatively low rental and housing prices.  An abundance of natural, economical, educational and cultural advantages makes Lethbridge an ideal place to live, work and raise a family. learn more about living in Lethbridge

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